All over the world women are increasingly finding their voices and making them heard.

By sharing the story of finding her own voice, Tiffany VanDeMark is helping women everywhere claim their power.

Tiffany is a successful entrepreneur, an author, an acclaimed life and fitness coach, and a dynamic public speaker who lights up a crowd. In addition to bringing her trademark enthusiasm to everything she does, Tiffany excels at connecting with women of all ages and walks of life, inspiring them to thrive both professionally and personally.









For every woman who has wrestled with her own heart.


Tiffany VanDeMark is on a mission to empower women’s voices by sharing her own deeply personal story of struggling to survive a turbulent celebrity marriage and finding the courage and confidence to take control of her life, on her terms.

Inside The Ring takes the reader on Tiffany’s inspirational journey: from feeling abandoned by her father, through multiple heartbreaks and hardships, and finally to self-understanding, forgiveness, health and empowerment.


Her message to women in difficult relationships powerfully rings true: fight for your life and emerge a champion.

A triumph of determination and grace that inspires.

 Tiffany and Ric Flair at their wedding.

Tiffany and Ric Flair at their wedding.

This book left me motivated and positive that I could steer a new course for my life after a difficult divorce.
— Kate M.

coaching By Tiffany

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending".” -C.S. Lewis

A good coach—whether in life, sports or business—helps you identify your strengths and your values. She pushes you with determination and encouragement until you are ready for the next step. And she is there, cheering you on, as you courageously take those steps.


Life Coaching -

Helps clients tap into their full potential and define/achieve their goals for who they want to be and what they want to do.

Reasons to hire a coach

  • Clarity

  • Accountability

  • Unbiased Input

  • The Opportunity to Focus on YOU

  • Personal Development


executive coaching -

Personal development that leads to business success! Achieve what you want..

  • Effective Leadership: leveraging your existing strengths

  • Build more productive relationships

  • Conflict management skills

  • Transitioning into new leadership roles

  • Increasing emotional and social intelligence


Health & wellness coaching -

Partner with clients to develop strategies for improving all areas of personal wellness to enhance overall wellbeing.

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Environmental

  • Social

  • Spiritual

More About tiffany

 Tiffany and her boys on their daily paddle board excursion

Tiffany and her boys on their daily paddle board excursion


I’ll always be grateful that I started my career as a small business owner…

,,,and even more so that my business—FitForLife—was wellness coaching and personal training. I worked with hundreds of customers and my team of 17 staff, and that experience instilled a love of training and motivational work that inspires everything I do with energy and enthusiasm.

That experience stood me well when I was asked to develop and lead two marketing departments for Chobani Greek Yogurt—Health/Wellness and Experiential Marketing. This is where I honed my skills in customer experience and brand activation, including Chobani’s sponsorship of U.S. Olympic Teams.

Today, I’m fortunate to be “doing what I love and having fun doing it”—and making sure it’s a win for everyone involved.

And the best part? Being a winner doesn’t mean sacrificing time for family, friends, time for solitude and, community, time for contemplation and good works. A healthy work-life balance is key to achieving your goals while enjoying the journey to the fullest.

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